North Shore Estate Sales – Our Approach to Hoarder Estate Sales

There is no one solution for a home designated a hoarder situation. A hoarder house can have a multitude of issues that a estate sale company must be prepared to handle in order to properly conduct a successful sale.

North Shore Estate Sales categorizes hoarder homes into 2 different categories.

Salable Hoarders

These hoarders simply have to much stuff. They have more stuff than most people can imagine. The house is packed floor to ceiling. There is no room to walk or sometimes sit or eat. But the items they have can be organized and sold without a need for significant junk removal or deep cleaning. The goal in these hoarder houses is to try to sell as much as possible and maximize the proceeds to the clients while emptying out the house so that it can be put on the market.

Non-Salable Hoarders

These type of hoarders save absolutely everything. This includes, Junk, Trash, All Mail, Food, Damaged Items and just about anything you can imagine. These sales have to start with junk removal and sorting to determine what can be sold and what has to be disposed of. Often time the sale has to have a deep cleaning of the items that will be sold. The goal of these sales are to get the house empty for as little money out of pocket as possible.


Hoarder House Before

Hoarder House During

Hoarder House After

North Shore Estate Sales is your Hoarder House Specialist. Check out some of our recent hoarder homes and how we handle each unique situation.

Case Study 1 – The House of Everything

This is the kind of hoarder house of someone who literally has everything. In this case there where items everywhere you turned. In fact there was so much in the house there was only a path to walk. No where to sit, no where to eat, and a small place to sleep. These houses are difficult to set up due to the sheer amount of items within the house. When prepping for an Estate Sale we must take into account the amount of people that will becoming through the house to shop so adequate path ways must be made for a safe shopping experience. This means that we must condense and organize vertically. While this can be a challenge the amount of product that we are able to sell by organizing a sale makes it all worth it.

Case Study 2. The House of Hidden Treasure

This is the most fun kind of hoarder house. This house was packed to the gills with all sort of items. During the course of organizing we are able to uncover all sorts of valuable treasures and fun finds. In our last hoarder house of hidden treasure we found African Art, A Bustamante sculpture and a Cannondale bike hidden among boxes and boxes of items in the basement. These sales can be great money making opprotunites for the client as we find items of value they didn’t even know they had. Our team of trained expert organizers and appraisers will find any item of value within the home to make sure to maximize the proceeds.

Case Study 3. The House of Hell

This is the kind of hoarder home of someone who saves everything and we mean EVERYTHING. This is the kind of house that has every newspaper and piece of mail ever delivered to the house. Every empty food container, trash and more. These kind of sales are especially difficult to set up. Typically the house will first need to be cleared of all trash using our Junk Removal Services. Then we will come in and try to sort out any items of value within the home. Once we sort everything out we will organize the house into an estate sale showroom trying to turn what was once a complete mess into a sales floor looking to maximize the proceeds. In our last hoarder house we removed over 75,000 Pounds of trash and junk before being able to conduct the sale. Our clients where relieved to get the home cleared out so that it could be put on the market. All of this was done in less than 2 weeks and even put some extra money in our clients pockets.

If you have a hoarder house that you are looking to organize an Estate Sale or an Estate Cleanout for, North Shore Estate Sales is the leading estate company serving Chicago’s North Shore. Contact us to learn more!