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Call (847) 306-0877 :: Our full service Lake Forest estates sales company will take you from start to finish without you having to lift a finger.

A liquidation or professional sale is one of the most efficient ways to handle an estate in Lake Forest. If you’re not sure about taking this sizable task on alone, we understand why. Estate sales are major projects and require a significant amount of management if you want it to be successful. You could spend weeks or even months trying to market, organize, and connect with the right people to realize a profit.

At North Shore Estate Sales, we know the challenges that come with estate liquidation and are here to help. We specialize in high-end estate sales, but can really manage just about any size project from start to finish.

How Our Estate Sales Company Will Help You

All business models will be unique, but at North Shore, we are a full-service operation that works closely with our clients to achieve the overall goals. Here is a short list of just some of the services we provide our Lake Forest clients:

  • Free onsite evaluations and consultations about the estate contents.
  • Expert marketing and buyer outreach.
  • Premium planning and management of the estate sale.
  • Expert teams for the event day.
  • Staging and display services for items.
  • Documentation and record keeping of all items.
  • Tax document records.
  • Expert pricing and tagging.
  • Quality connections for buyers and charitable resources.
  • Clean out teams.
  • Maximize profit strategies.

The Benefits of Working With North Shore Estate Sales

You will have options to work with a number of companies, but we would like to showcase some of the reasons why you should consider working with us.

Proven Track Record and Happy Clients – We have worked with hundreds of clients and have helped them maximize their profits. Not only do we help them hit their profit goals, but we also work hard to be respectful through the process and handle tasks that can be challenging for a family to work through. Our style of management is transparent, and we welcome you to look over our client testimonials.

Experts Who Know the Business – After countless sales and unique projects, our team has learned a few things about the art of fine estate liquidation. It is our pleasure to use our expertise for our Lake Forest estate sale clients and explain everything along the way and welcome your questions.

Professional and Efficient Management – We pride ourselves on being able to work quickly and efficiently to ensure our clients don’t have to endure a long drawn out estate sale process. We work to appropriately value items, tag them, and consult with experts if ever there are questions about values. We are well oil machine from consult to clean out.

We provide everything needed to make your sale run smoothly and successfully with knowledgeable experienced employees, security, tables, jewelry cases, and professional signage and flyers in your neighborhood.

Are you ready for some support for your Lake Forest estate sale? North Shore would love to help you and help you get the most from your estate project. Please call or contact us today to learn more.

The North Shore Difference

Not only will North Shore Estate Sales sell your furniture we will deliver it too! North Shore Estate Sales offers a convenient in house delivery service to all customers who shop with us during your sale. This delivery service starts at $65 and is paid for by the buyer. Not only is it less expensive than renting a truck it also makes the buy process more convenient for everyone.

North Shore Estate Sales takes the utmost care while conducting your sale. We take many precautions when conducting your sale including having customers remove their shoes or put on shoe covers, having help on site to oversee and help customers move their purchases, offering delivery to customers and only letting a safe amount of customers in the home at a time. While having an estate sale is a great opportunity we realize that it is very important to keep the home in the condition it was given to us in. At North Shore Estate Sales we treat your home like our home.

We have many different marketing techniques to make your sale a success. We market on all 3 major estate sales sites. We have an email list with over 10,000 customers on it and a texting club where customers get messages right to their phone. We also advertise on our Facebook page and put up 15-30 signs out in the area to draw in local buyers. All of these strategies combined leads to an exceptional turn-out at every sale regardless or weather or time of year.

All estate sale companies pay you after the sale! But no one pays faster than North Shore Estate Sales. You will be paid the first business day following your estate sales!

Our Process

Step 1 – The Consultation

Call us at 847-306-0877 to set up your free no obligation consultation. During the consultation one of our knowledgeable estate specialist will tour your home and discuss the possibility of an estate/moving sale with you.

In addition to touring the home for the sale our estate specialist will make recommendations to make your sale a success. They will also provide you with an idea of what to expect including an estimate of proceeds.

Step 2 – The Setup

Once you’ve decided to go with North Shore Estate Sales our dedicated set-up team will come in the week before the sale to organize your home into a showroom. We bring in tables, clothing racks, display cases, jewelry displays and anything else that we feel will make your items display as best as possible. We pull items out of the cabinets and closets to make sure that every item is out for the customers to view as easily as possible. We take photos of everything in the house for our extensive advertising program. We take an average of 200-300 photos of the items in your home to display on our website so that we interest as many people as possible.

Step 3 – The Sale

After setting up the home we will conduct your sale over 2-3 days depending on what is needed to sell the items within your home. Our enthusiastic and professional sales staff know how to get the most from your goods. We will have sufficient staff throughout the home to make sure that that home is secure and every customer gets the help they need. Between the our skilled sales staff and the extensive advertising your sale is sure to be a success.

Step 4 – The Clear-Out

In the days following sale our clear out and delivery crew will be there to empty the home of all the remaining items. You are of course welcome to keep anything that doesn’t sell but if you do not want to keep it we will take it away for you. All items that can be donated go to a local charity and anything that can’t be donated will be disposed of for you. You will be giving a tax deduction for everything that is donated.

Step 5 – The Results

Following the sale your Estate Sale Specialist will go over the results of the sale with you. After going over the results you will receive a check, a tax deduction slip and a completely empty home.

Contact North Shore to Learn How We Can Make Your Estate Sale a Success!