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Call (847) 306-0877 :: Our full service Long Grove estate sales company will take you from start to finish without you having to lift a finger.

The process of finding the right kind of support for managing an estate can be challenging. There are several responsibilities and a tremendous amount of decisions to be made on how to handle it. Will you hold on to the estate or try to sell it? Will you maintain the home and leave it in your family for the years to come? Will you need to hire a team to financially and legally do it all?

These are just some of the decisions that you will have to make, and we know there are many more questions to come. If you have made it to this page, you are perhaps wondering if an estate sale or liquidation of the items within the home is right for you. For our neighbors in Long Grove, we can assist with estate sales or liquidation style sales depending on what your needs are. Here is a look at our white glove service, which we have broken down into five steps.

Long Grove Estate Sales

Schedule a Consultation – In your free consultation with us, we will meet you at the estate and tour the property. This is a good time for us to ask questions about the contents and for you to do the same. We can give you an on the spot assessment as to what we feel you could see in profits.

Planning and Setting Up – During this part of the process, we will get a clear picture of what items will and won’t be sold and identify specific buyers who will need to be contacted for the sale date. Together, we will choose an estate event day and start marketing that to our network and online resources. This includes advertising and one on one outreach efforts. We will also plan for the estate sale day and bring in things like racks and display cases that will add credibility and professionalism to the sale.

Sale Date – When the day arrives, we will have a team of estate professionals monitor the site and make themselves available to buyers for questions and transactions. This includes keeping impeccable records as to what sells and managing buyers throughout the event period.

Clear Out The Estate – Once the sale ends, we will manage the entire clean out of the estate, so you are not left with the items that didn’t sell. This means we can arrange for charitable drop-offs to your preferred organizations or have others come to pick things up. We will also gather, package, and manage any shipping or delivery of items.

Close Out – Once all the transactions, paperwork and estate is cleared out, we will go over the results of the sale. We will hand you all the transactional documents, tax deduction paperwork, and a check for the profit of your Long Grove estate sale.

This gives you a basic look into how we organize a sale, work with our clients, and how the process works. We are always very professional and respectful during the entire partnership. If you’re ready to work with North Shore Estate Sales for your project, contact us today to get started.

The North Shore Difference

Not only will North Shore Estate Sales sell your furniture we will deliver it too! North Shore Estate Sales offers a convenient in house delivery service to all customers who shop with us during your sale. This delivery service starts at $65 and is paid for by the buyer. Not only is it less expensive than renting a truck it also makes the buy process more convenient for everyone.

North Shore Estate Sales takes the utmost care while conducting your sale. We take many precautions when conducting your sale including having customers remove their shoes or put on shoe covers, having help on site to oversee and help customers move their purchases, offering delivery to customers and only letting a safe amount of customers in the home at a time. While having an estate sale is a great opportunity we realize that it is very important to keep the home in the condition it was given to us in. At North Shore Estate Sales we treat your home like our home.

We have many different marketing techniques to make your sale a success. We market on all 3 major estate sales sites. We have an email list with over 10,000 customers on it and a texting club where customers get messages right to their phone. We also advertise on our Facebook page and put up 15-30 signs out in the area to draw in local buyers. All of these strategies combined leads to an exceptional turn-out at every sale regardless or weather or time of year.

All estate sale companies pay you after the sale! But no one pays faster than North Shore Estate Sales. You will be paid the first business day following your estate sales!

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