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If you have ever had to handle estate affairs, you already know how involved they can get. If you haven’t, then you might be wondering how an estate sale or liquidation works. We serve clients all over the greater Chicago area, including Naperville. Estate sales are a better alternative to garage sales and are the perfect option if the value of the items aren’t suited for an auction.

Want to learn more about North Shore Estate Sales and what we do? Below you’ll find more details about how we help our clients and why estate sales are an invaluable service to heirs and families.

Naperville Estate Sales Services

We have an experienced team of professionals who are experts at estate sales, appraisals, or property clean outs. We work with clients who have a variety of needs who may or may not know much about how estate sales work but know they need help. Many people come to us after the passing of a loved one or a significant life change. While some clients seek us out to help price out antiques, their parents left them at the estate, others hire us to handle the contents of a home after a marriage has ended. Regardless of your situation, we are here to help make these transitions as straightforward as possible.

A Strong Buyer Network and Marketing Machine

Part of what makes our company so beneficial to work with is our network of legitimate buyers. We have established healthy relationships with various types of buyers from those who seek luxury items to those who are seeking very particular antiques and collectibles.

We also have a strong marketing and advertising effort that we use to promote our sales across all types of platforms. This includes both online and offline approaches.

North Shore Estate Sales Experts

One of the main reasons our business is recommended is due to our people and partnering professionals. Our estate sales experts have years of experience in this industry and have learned from the best. We also work with experts in niche fields like collectibles and fine estate jewelry. If we stumble on to something we don’t know about, we investigate and vet the item until we understand its actual value.

White Glove Service

This transaction is about so much more than making a profit. Handling estates are personal, and the people who owned the items at the estate were real people who have/had real lives. We never take your estate for granted and always handle items with a great deal of respect.

If you are ready to learn more about holding an estate or liquidations sale in Naperville, we welcome your questions, call or message. Connect with us today and let’s start the discussion process so we can get you moving in the right direction.

Our Process

Step 1 – The Consultation

Call us at 847-306-0877 to set up your free no obligation consultation. During the consultation one of our knowledgeable estate specialist will tour your home and discuss the possibility of an estate/moving sale with you.

In addition to touring the home for the sale our estate specialist will make recommendations to make your sale a success. They will also provide you with an idea of what to expect including an estimate of proceeds.

Step 2 – The Setup

Once you’ve decided to go with North Shore Estate Sales our dedicated set-up team will come in the week before the sale to organize your home into a showroom. We bring in tables, clothing racks, display cases, jewelry displays and anything else that we feel will make your items display as best as possible. We pull items out of the cabinets and closets to make sure that every item is out for the customers to view as easily as possible. We take photos of everything in the house for our extensive advertising program. We take an average of 200-300 photos of the items in your home to display on our website so that we interest as many people as possible.

Step 3 – The Sale

After setting up the home we will conduct your sale over 2-3 days depending on what is needed to sell the items within your home. Our enthusiastic and professional sales staff know how to get the most from your goods. We will have sufficient staff throughout the home to make sure that that home is secure and every customer gets the help they need. Between the our skilled sales staff and the extensive advertising your sale is sure to be a success.

Step 4 – The Clear-Out

In the days following sale our clear out and delivery crew will be there to empty the home of all the remaining items. You are of course welcome to keep anything that doesn’t sell but if you do not want to keep it we will take it away for you. All items that can be donated go to a local charity and anything that can’t be donated will be disposed of for you. You will be giving a tax deduction for everything that is donated.

Step 5 – The Results

Following the sale your Estate Sale Specialist will go over the results of the sale with you. After going over the results you will receive a check, a tax deduction slip and a completely empty home.

North Shore Estate Sales – Professional Naperville Estate Services

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