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Losing a loved one, dealing with a divorce or bankruptcy, or moving your parents into full-time care, can be emotional and overwhelming. In these situations, people often find themselves in a position where personal belongings need to be liquidated or sold in a timely manner. This process can be difficult and can also consume a lot of time and energy on the part of family members.

At North Shore Estate Sales, we hope that we can make an estate liquidation or sale in Winnetka a little easier on you. We keep your family’s best interests at heart by carefully managing the items in the home, treating them like our own, to ensure that they are sold or liquidated in a prompt manner.

Whether you live nearby or are trying to coordinate an estate sale from a distance, we can organize or plan a liquidation. We can also hold a professional estate sale in Winnetka with buyers if you feel that might be better suited for the estate. We give families peace of mind by minimizing the stress of estate sale planning.

An Estate Liquidator – Who Benefits from This Service?

Persons who have found themselves in charge of an estate, no matter if it is from the passing of a loved one or due to something like a divorce, usually benefit the most from a liquidation. The liquidator will come into the estate to make downsizing easier for seniors or determine what kind of values may be seen from a sale.

This option allows heirs or family members to have a third party handle some of the most laborious work of going through personal effects. The liquidators will organize the process from start to finish and will keep part of the profits from the sale in return for providing this service.

The Benefits of an Estate Liquidator in Winnetka

Many people believe that they can handle their family’s estate on their own. However, the reality is that handling an estate sale is an immense task which requires a lot of time and research to pull off a successful sale. Here are some of the benefits of using North Shore Estate Sales:

Time Management and Efficiency – Our company is built to work efficiently and quickly so you can manage other aspects of the estate, whether it’s financial assets or the selling of the actual property. We know that time can be money in some cases, so we will work with you to come to a reasonable time frame and keep the sale process focused and well managed.

Increases Revenue – Family members are often left with items that they have very little knowledge about. Instead of spending a lot of time and energy trying to learn about these items to find out what they are and what they are worth, work with our experts. We have experience with this type of work. We either are already familiar with the items and what their value is, or we know where to find these details quickly.

We Do All the Work – Estate sales are more laborious than your annual garage sale. They require organization and management in order to document the process accurately and have a detailed record for your tax deductions. In addition, working with a professional company allows someone else to do the heavy lifting, both physically and emotionally. We will handle every detail and will keep you up to date throughout the entire process.

The North Shore Difference

Not only will North Shore Estate Sales sell your furniture we will deliver it too! North Shore Estate Sales offers a convenient in house delivery service to all customers who shop with us during your sale. This delivery service starts at $65 and is paid for by the buyer. Not only is it less expensive than renting a truck it also makes the buy process more convenient for everyone.

North Shore Estate Sales takes the utmost care while conducting your sale. We take many precautions when conducting your sale including having customers remove their shoes or put on shoe covers, having help on site to oversee and help customers move their purchases, offering delivery to customers and only letting a safe amount of customers in the home at a time. While having an estate sale is a great opportunity we realize that it is very important to keep the home in the condition it was given to us in. At North Shore Estate Sales we treat your home like our home.

We have many different marketing techniques to make your sale a success. We market on all 3 major estate sales sites. We have an email list with over 10,000 customers on it and a texting club where customers get messages right to their phone. We also advertise on our Facebook page and put up 15-30 signs out in the area to draw in local buyers. All of these strategies combined leads to an exceptional turn-out at every sale regardless or weather or time of year.

All estate sale companies pay you after the sale! But no one pays faster than North Shore Estate Sales. You will be paid the first business day following your estate sales!

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